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Targeted teacher training

With pressure growing to differentiate learning and engage increasingly diverse learners, it can be hard to know how to support your teachers in their classroom practice. The truth is teachers are often told WHAT to do in the classroom but are not told HOW to do it. This gap in understanding can lead to lower educational outcomes and poor teacher morale. 

Harnessing the power of brain-based learning, we share how 4MAT© can transform teaching and programming for classroom teachers. Fun, learner-centred, interactive and practical, our 4MAT training sessions will leave your teachers inspired, motivated and ready to get back into the classroom again.

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Harness 4MAT to enhance classroom practice


Every teacher comes to the profession to help students learn and grow. 

However, balancing the diverse learning needs of students with changing education expectations and an increasing workload is more than most of us expected. It doesn’t help that teacher training told us what to expect as a teacher, but very little about how to manage all those demands in the classroom.

4MAT is a simple 8 step model and template that teaches you HOW to:

  • Write and deliver inclusive units of work faster
  • Address the diverse learning needs in your classrooms
  • Engage every learner in the room
  • Address the needs of 21st Century learners
  • Ensure understanding of a complex curriculum using a concept-based approach to your content

In 4MAT Basic Training you’ll learn how to easily apply 4MAT to your lesson/unit planning and classroom practice. We’ll provide a no-fail template to transform your classroom and help you create fun and interactive learning experiences. You’ll also gain access to a common language that you and your colleagues can use to discuss teaching and learning.

Benefits of 4MAT training for teachers


The 4MAT Basic Training Program helps:

  • address your needs and improves your effectiveness and confidence as a teacher,
  • motivate and engage your students in their learning; and
  • improve student learning outcomes in your school.

By undertaking 4MAT training, you’ll:

  • understand the relationship between learning styles and brain processing preferences,
  • identify the 8 steps of the 4MAT model,
  • increase the focus and flow of your units of work,
  • plan and design a unit of work using the 4MAT System.

How does brain-based training like 4MAT enhance classroom practice?

Brain-based learning is considered one of the best ways to get the most out of learning. By presenting content in the way the brain naturally learns, it’s easier for students to take in, retain and use new information.

Benefits of brain-based learning for students include:

  • enhanced academic performance and progress
  • improved classroom behaviour and engagement
  • creation of a positive learning environment.

A highly validated, research based and recognised learning and communication tool, 4MAT takes a holistic perspective, acknowledging essential human differences regarding how we perceive, process, understand and pass on information. Throughout our training sessions, we help staff harness this tool to ensure your students get more from their education.