Northmead Public School

The School Context

Northmead Public School opened in 1923 and is located in the Sydney metropolitan area, approximately 6 kilometres north of Parramatta. The school serves a diverse community with regular, strong support from an active parent body. There are over 700 students from a culturally diverse population with 37% of its students coming from a language background other than English from 46 language speaking backgrounds, the five highest being Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Farsi and Hindu. There are nine Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students.

Northmead Public School has a highly dedicated staff that consistently focuses on providing quality educational programs. Staff works in four Stage Teams to develop teaching and learning programs led by teaching Assistant Principals. Excellence is promoted across all areas of the curriculum and emphasis is placed on providing a broad range of learning opportunities to meet the needs of all students. The school provides a wide range of sporting, social and cultural opportunities for its students.

Why We Wanted an External Facilitator

We wanted a comprehensive consultation process that engaged all our stakeholders and allowed the principal and executive team as well as others to play an important role in the development of the next 3 year School Strategic Plan. Melinda’s experience in leading this process was invaluable.

Together, we developed an ambitious long-term vision that deserves commitment. It requires key actions and pooled resources by all of the school community to meet the three strategic directions. Students, staff and parents will work within this plan and take responsibility for key areas. The Northmead Public School Strategic Plan identifies the goals, strategies and key partnerships necessary to fulfill the vision.

What We Did

Planning for the 2018-2020 Strategic Plan commenced in response to the desire to build a true ‘21st Century School’ with a distinct and leading position, and in recognition of the educational imperatives to change. During a nine month consultation, review and planning process, everyone in the school community had the opportunity to provide input into what teaching and learning should look like at Northmead Public School by 2020.

Extensive interviews, surveys and workshops with key stakeholder groups captured their thinking. In depth analysis of the key functions of the school, including academic performance, highlighted significant progress guided by the current 2015 – 2017 plan and identified areas for development. Melinda facilitated whole day planning sessions with the Blue Sky team, led multiple staff meetings and assisted with the detailed data analysis, planning and consultation conducted on the three strategic priorities. Senior Management Team led the identification and development of specific initiatives and activities under each priority.


The 2018 – 2020 school plan was completed by the end of term 4, 2017 and is a true reflection of the values and aspirations of all stakeholders at Northmead Public School. It is both reflective and forward thinking and is owned and valued by the entire school community.