Enhancing Leadership

Leadership Training

Build capability with leadership training

Now, more than ever, good leadership is the key to educational success. If you want to build the capabilities of your executive team or identify ways to support your future leaders, Learn Grow Lead can deliver comprehensive leadership training in the form of coaching, professional learning and consulting services.

Our goal is to help your leaders move from simply surviving to truly thriving in their roles. From one-on-one coaching sessions to whole executive professional learning workshops, our sessions are tailored to support your own individual professional and/or personal goals, while also designed to address whole school needs.

Executive Coaching

Coaching can help you work smarter not harder, hone and refine existing skills and challenge ineffective behaviours to help you become the leader you are meant to be.


External consulting provides an objective, expert point of view to shine a light on internal issues, with a trained external facilitator service available to manage issues on your behalf.

Professional Learning

Our diverse range of customised workshops allows you to develop the leadership skills, techniques and knowledge to build a better team and enhance your performance.

Benefits of holistic leadership training


After years of experience in supporting schools, we know that training alone is often not enough to trigger lasting change. While training is a valuable platform to begin the change process, without access to more experienced mentors to oversee implementation, it can be easy for staff to fail to capitalise on their new learning and fall back into old habits.

We’ve designed our leadership training to include valuable mentoring and coaching opportunities to help your school see ongoing and sustainable benefits. Coaching and consulting services are a big part of our leadership training program to ensure your team can maximise their learning and see results sooner.

How our leadership training works

The process begins when we meet one-on-one with you in a discovery session to assess your needs and clearly define your desired results. Following the discovery session, a detailed proposal and timeline is developed, setting out the recommended solutions to help your school meet your goals.

Depending on the outcomes of the discovery session, the proposed leadership training solution may include a combination of approaches, including the delivery of a training program, team facilitation and/or individual coaching sessions. 

Why leadership training


Our leadership training is designed to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your individual needs
  • Work in partnership with your key people to achieve key outcomes
  • Provide quality, expert advice that’s personalised to suit your needs
  • Ensure the right combination of pressure and support to continue to implement learning.

During the program we use a variety of assessment tools and processes to evaluate individuals, teams and schools. This ensures you can see how the leadership training program is progressing and start seeing the benefits sooner.