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About Learn Grow Lead

Founded by Melinda Zanetich in 2007, Learn Grow Lead emerged from the belief that there was a different way to ‘be’ in the workplace.

As a teacher, trainer, skilled facilitator and leadership coach, Melinda believes that every organisation has the opportunity to create a workplace where people thrive. A place that supports learning and working together.

Learn Grow Lead enhances the leadership capacity of schools by delivering executive coaching, teacher professional development and consulting services. Focusing on resilience, leadership, change management and wellbeing, Learn Grow Lead positions schools for ongoing learning success.



To create a positive, supportive and effective learning environment in schools so leaders, teachers and students can all achieve optimal outcomes. We achieve this by building leadership capabilities in school leaders, teachers and staff while developing a healthy organisational culture to foster respect, motivation, creativity and innovation.

About Melinda Zanetich

With a career in education that spans more than 20 years, Melinda has a deep knowledge of how schools work.

A former teacher, school executive member, curriculum consultant, state leadership development officer and CEO for School Improvement, Melinda’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education, Masters in Professional Education & Training plus a Diploma in Positive Psychology & Wellbeing.

Interested in developing high performing teams, organisational development and continuous workplace learning to support professional growth, Melinda has a passion for helping people create positive change through learning. A skilled facilitator and leadership coach, Melinda has successfully led individuals and teams through major change projects and enjoys delivering interactive, fun and practical training for staff on a diverse range of topics. 

When you have the knowledge and support to thrive, you can do better and build on your success.

The cornerstone of leadership, respect is the key to cultivating a healthy organisational culture.

By understanding the latest learning methods, you can adapt your approach to achieve positive results.



With over 35 years’ experience as a teacher, trainer, facilitator and coach, Learn Grow Lead can help your school come together to realise greater success. Working closely with your leadership team, our goal is to identify areas of improvement and develop a plan to address them, leading to stronger relationships, positive learning outcomes and renewed success.