Targeted leadership coaching, wellbeing, teaching and learning support for schools

Teaching is one of today’s most challenging professions.

Education professionals are faced with increasing workloads and rising expectations while managing tighter budgets and stretched resources. With increasing rates of attrition and plummeting morale, effective leadership in schools is more important than ever.

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Help your school thrive

With the goal of transforming how schools work together, Learn Grow Lead is dedicated to assisting your organisation to not just survive, but to thrive.

Founded by teacher, facilitator, trainer and leadership coach, Melinda Zanetich, Learn Grow Lead’s mission is to create positive and successful schools through targeted training, coaching and consulting.

Enhancing Leadership

Enhancing Leadership

Specialising in improving all aspects of organisational culture, our interactive PD sessions help build the leadership potential of your team. 

Wellbeing Initiatives

Wellbeing Initiatives

We work with you to identify the biggest issues facing your team and deliver bespoke training to improve teacher wellbeing & build resilience.

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

Harnessing the power of brain-based learning, we share how 4MAT can transform teaching and programming for classroom teachers. 

We help build healthy & successful schools

As a principal, your people are your greatest asset. The best way to fully harness this asset is to create a healthy culture where your leadership team, teachers, support staff and students can all thrive.

This is where experienced leadership coaching, like the services offered by Learn Grow Lead, can help.

You may be struggling with a toxic work environment or find your school can’t get out of second gear, affecting your ability to move forward and grow. An external consultant can provide an objective point of view, offering a fresh perspective together with practical solutions and training to help your school grow and thrive.

10 benefits of leadership development for schools


Here are just 10 ways that investing in leadership coaching can benefit your school:

  • Greater morale
  • Improved productivity
  • Simplified change management
  • Increased engagement
  • Better organisational management
  • Higher academic results
  • Reduced leadership burden
  • Healthier organisational culture
  • Secure succession planning
  • Enhanced decision making

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